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The definition of word "sad":
+5 rate 1. unhappy, morose, full of grief; distressing, depressing; sorrowful, gloomy; regrettable, rueful
rate 2. airport Name: Safford Regional Airport; location: Safford, Arizona, United States; IATA Code: SAD; ICAO Code: KSAD
rate 3. anagram ads
rate 4. born July 1857, Ibyenah, Egypt; died August 23, 1927, Cairo; Egyptian statesman. He initially cooperated with the British occupation of Egypt, but his attitude changed on his election to the Legislative Assembly in 1912. Britain declared martial law, established a protectorate and dissolved the assembly during World War I (1914–18), after which he led a delegation (Arabic: wafd) that demanded recognition as the people's representatives and called for abolition of the British protectorate. When these requests were turned down, widespread disorder broke out that was not quelled even when Zaghl&#016B;l, who had been deported to Malta, was brought back and was elected prime minister at the head of the Wafd party in 1924. He resigned after a year of violent unrest but later served as president of the Chamber of Deputies, where he was able to exercise some control over his more extreme followers.
rate 5. Cyclical depression occurring in winter, apparently caused by insufficient sunlight. It is most common in places at high latitudes and therefore with long winters and very short daylight hours. Symptoms can include all those of major depression and there is a risk of suicide. The cause may be related to regulation of the body's temperature and hormones and may involve the pineal gland and melatonin. Exposure to intense full-spectrum light from a set of fluorescent bulbs in a light box with a diffusing screen has proved effective as treatment. Dawn simulation (exposure to low light levels in the final sleep period) and negative-ion therapy can also help.
rate 6. U N P L E A S A N T (adj) (before noun) sadder, saddest - unacceptable; not satisfactory The sad fact/truth is we can't afford to provide homes for all. It's a sad reflection/comment on our society that many old people die of the cold each winter. This is the sad state of affairs facing film-makers today. Sad to say, (= It is a cause for regret) the ring was never found.
rate 7. adj serious
rate 8. Single Administrative Document (UN/ECE)
rate 9. Supply Accounting Division
rate 10. so pathetic as to cause sadness; pitiful; hopeless; worthless: "That's a sad haircut, man"; "He's a sad case"
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Tags: sad, stato depressivo causato dalla mancanza di luce solare, afflitto, lugubre, mesto, smorto, triste, crucciata
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