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Die Definition des Wort "mastiff":
rate 1. breed of large and powerful short-haired dogs with drooping ears and lips
rate 2. Breed of powerful but gentle dog of Europe and Asia dating to 3000 BC. Mastiffs fought bears, lions, tigers, bulls and gladiators in Roman arenas and were used in English bull-and bear-baiting rings. The mastiff stands 28–30 in. (70–75 cm) tall and weighs 165–185 lbs (75–85 kg). It has a broad head, short dark muzzle and dark drooping ears. Its short coat is apricot, silver fawn, or brindled. The bullmastiff, a bulldog-mastiff crossbreed standing 24–27 in. (61–69 cm) tall and weighing 100–130 lbs (45–59 kg), is used as a police and guard dog.
rate 3. breed of large working dog used as a guard and fighting dog in England for more than 2,000 years. Dogs of this type are found in European and Asian records dating back to 3000 BC. The Roman invaders of England sent the mastiff to compete in the arenas of ancient Rome, where the dog was pitted against bears, lions, tigers, bulls, other dogs and human gladiators. The breed also fought in the later bullbaiting and bearbaiting rings of England. A powerful but characteristically gentle dog, the mastiff has a broad head, drooping ears, a broad, short muzzle and a short, coarse coat. Colour, as specified by the breed standard, is apricot, silver fawn or brindled fawn and black. Ears and muzzle are dark. The mastiff stands 70 to 76 cm (28 to 30 inches) and weighs 75 to 84 kg (165 to 185 pounds). Bullmastiff. The bullmastiff, a cross between the mastiff and the bulldog, was developed in 19th-century England; it was used chiefly to discourage poaching on estates and game preserves and was known as the gamekeeper's night-dog. The bullmastiff is a tan, reddish brown or brindled dog, with black on the face and ears. It stands 61 to 69 cm and weighs 45 to 59 kg. It is frequently used as a police and guard dog.
rate 4. n a large strong short-haired dog Mastiffs and alsatians make very good guard dogs.
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